Why is Leather Belt more than functional?

Many people in the world think of a belt as something that is purely functional. It’s a tool to stop your pants from falling down and causing an embarrassing situation, and nothing more. Well, that’s what they think.

The humble belt may be among the simplest-looking of all fashion accessories, but unless you take the time to look and consider, you might never discover the true beauty and value of this gorgeous and iconic piece of attire.

Transcending Gender

Genuine Leather Belts are not an exclusive item of the gentleman's wardrobe, of course. Many lady’s outfits also call for leather belts, and that call is answered by many of the world’s more premiere fashion brands. While the belt is transcendent of gender, we are going to focus on particular on men’s belts in today’s blog.





Mens Belts Complete a Look

The majority of men’s pants, including casual wear like jeans, come with belt loops. These aren’t put there ‘just in case.’ They are there because the belt is an integral part of the outfit. Without a belt, pants can look sloppy or “incomplete.” This is as true for casual jeans as it is for suit pants. Belts are not just there to help keep the pants up and in position, they complete the look.



Belts are Versatile and Varied

The world of belts is incredibly diverse. They come in a range of materials from cheaper synthetic leathers and woven fabrics --- not befitting a true gentleman, in our opinion --- to the more premium real leather, the latter of which is the true sign of style and quality. Beyond the material, the next most important design elements are the color and the buckle shape and style.

When it comes to color, it should really just match either the clothing color or style, or your shoe style. Many belts are in fairly versatile and muted colors such as brown leather belts and black leather belts, since these are also the more natural colors of the leather material. These suit all kinds of casual and formal outfits.

As for the buckle, there are more subtle and traditional-looking buckles which are understated and perhaps silver-metallic, bronze- or gold-colored. There are other more prominent designs with large full-metal clasps, some marked with designer label names. Some are perhaps too garish for formal outfits, but the main point is that there is a belt and belt buckle for just about every occasion and style out there.



Demarcation of Your Outfit

Finally, men's leather belts are so much more than a functional pants accessory for another key reason. A well-chosen belt helps to separate the two halves of your outfit into distinct sections that together create a better sense of coordination. Without a belt, an outfit can blur into one, and while still looking pleasing, doesn’t show off your skills of coordination quite as well.

With a belt around your midriff to create a kind of fashionable border, the lower and upper halves now appear as two distinct units of the whole. That sense of coordination is palpable to those you wish to impress.

In the end, therefore, you simply cannot underestimate the power of the humble belt. If your drawers and wardrobes are devoid of great-quality belts, then seek to remedy that situation as soon as possible.