Top Modern Watches – Keeping Track of Time and Fashion

Ever since the rich man’s gold pocket watch graduated from the suit pocket to the wrist, watches have been a more visible and showcased symbol of fashion, wealth and success. The modern wristwatch tells time just as well --- if not better --- than the older pocket-based timepiece, of course, but the fashion element has never been stronger.

Why All Men Should Have at Least One Nice Watch

For your everyday use, you might put on something like a smart watch or a FitBit or some similar gadget. You might just have something rather ordinary. You should, however, also keep at least one special and nice watch to wear on those occasions when making an impression really counts. Here’s why:

1. It complements your attire

When you’re dressed to your best in a tux, an elegant simple watch face and black alligator strap can really help to tie the look together. Alternatively, stainless steel watches look strong and sturdy with a business suit, especially ones in darker or grey tones. And so, it goes on, watches adding that final glorious flourish that really sets off a man’s outfit.



2. It makes the right impression

There’s something quite universally irresistible about watches. It seems that most people just can’t get enough of them. It’s perhaps the largest “jewelry-like” accessory that you can wear without looking gaudy. The size of a watch naturally draws attention, but it almost never looks out of place.



3. They don’t have to be as expensive as you think

Believe it or not, there are many quality brands of watch that are nothing like as expensive as those big beasts you’ve heard of. You don’t have to purchase an Omega, Rolex, Patek Philip or Panerai watch in order to make the right impression. More affordable but equally stylish brands include Seiko, Tissot, Citizen, Hamilton, Invicta and others.



Watches as Fashion Symbols

The main reason that the watch has become somewhat less functional and more fashion-based for most wearers is that we spend so much time glued to our smartphones, laptops and tablets, all of which tell us the time quite adequately. The smart watch has also become a favorite of many thanks to its ability to extend our smartphone function and monitor key things about our health and activity each day.

But even these initially functional digital timepieces are increasingly stylish, with designer names being attached to special-edition Apple Watches, for example. The watch is truly now an icon of fashion and not of the purely mechanical keeper of time that it traditionally was.

That traditional sense of function isn’t completely gone, however. Many watches are admired because they retain that air of craftsmanship and quality. The image of bearded old men painstakingly working on every single moving part to create precision and superlative reliability endures, especially in the Swiss and Japanese traditions.



Furnish Yourself with at Least One Nice Watch

As you see, it is worthwhile to always invest in at least one high-quality stylish watch that you can put on for those occasions when making an impression counts. It’s a simple step to take that can have a huge impact on your interactions with others. You’ll never be more excited or thrilled to hear the words, “Excuse me, do you have the time?”